Eddy Voice Remote Guide


Eddy Voice Remote, otherwise known as Eddy, is an Internet Of Things (IOT) platform for interacting with your entertainment devices with voice commands.  Eddy lives in the home automation field, a place loved by tech enthusiasts and the DIY community. There’s definitely a lot to know about how to setup your home automation system and ways to correctly setup your devices. Here are some helpful links to get you started in your automation journey:

Step 1. Communicating with Eddy

The first and most important step is to figure out how are you going to connect your controllers/devices to Eddy. There are two options to connect your compatible controllers with Eddy: (1) Eddy Bridge or (2) Port Forwarding. You can find out the difference here.Port Forwarding vs. Eddy Bridge

Step 2. Know which Technology is right for you

IR Blasters Restful APi

Step 3.  Setup Eddy Bridge or Port Forwarding to communicate with Eddy

Step 4. Understand Eddy



Step 5. Setup your controllers

Step 6. Understand how Eddy works with Alexa and which skill is best for you

One Month Trial

Eddy Voice Remote offers a 30 day trial, because we believe trying before subscribing is best.

Here is a 5 Minute setup video to get your controllers setup with Eddy Bridge.