Take charge of your TV experience without your remote and Amazon Alexa. Watching your favorite program just got a lot easier when you’re exercising, cooking or needing to pause your TV. Sometimes you misplace your remote and you need to quickly Decrease the volume, now you can do just that using your voice and Eddy Voice Remote.

Note that commands like “Pause” or “Play” are also used in other Alexa skills (e.g. playing or pausing music skills). To use them, you may need to add “on Watch TV” when you issue the command (for example, “Alexa, play on Watch TV” This will bring your Watch TV scene “in focus” — that is, it makes Alexa aware that Watch TV is the device being used. Similarly, if there’s been no activity on the Watch TV scene device for approximately 60-90 minutes (e.g., if you have been watching a single show or channel for a long time), you will need to add “Watch TV” to the command (“Alexa, Pause on Watch TV”)

Alexa Commands

Here is an a set of Alexa Commands for a user who has a TV, Tivo, and Soundbar setup with Eddy Voice Remote:

  • Power Controls
    • “Alexa, turn on Watch TV” to turn on your TV, soundbar, and control your Tivo
    • “Alexa, turn off Watch TV” to turn off your TV, and soundbar
  • Volume Controls
    • “Alexa, increase volume” to increase your soundbar volume.
    • “Alexa, decrease volume” to decrease your soundbar volume.
    • “Alexa, mute” to mute your soundbar.
    • “Alexa, unmute” to unmute your soundbar.
  • Input Controls
    • “Alexa, switch inputs to HDMI 2” to switch your Inputs on your TV to HDMI 2.
  • Playback Controls
    • “Alexa, pause” to pause playback.
    • “Alexa, play” to resume watching.
    • “Alexa, fast forward.” To fast forward.
    • “Alexa, previous” is like pressing the Instant Replay button (jumps back 8 seconds).
    • “Alexa, next” will skip a commercial break on SkipMode-enabled shows.
  • Channel Controls
    • “Alexa, change the channel to < number>.”
    • “Alexa, next channel.”
    • “Alexa, previous channel.”
    • “Alexa, change channel to ” (e.g., CBS or ESPN). You must set up Favorites to enable this command.”
Relax and use your voice to control your tv
Relax and use your voice to control your T.V.