How to setup your Broadlink RM Controller with Eddy


What is a Broadlink RM controller?

Broadlink is a manufacturer that uses IP Based Technology.  They are known for making cheap IR Blasters. Basically Broadlink RM controllers convert a network command into an IR signal. The prices range from $23-45 USD. The controllers are good for consumers but require a lot of steps to setup and configure.

What is a Controller and a Device?

A device is typically a TV, sound bar, audio receiver, etc.  A controller is usually what controls these devices. A controller can be called a device , so all controllers are devices but not all devices are controllers.  For the purpose of Eddy and this blog, we will call a controller that controls one or more devices a controller and devices such as TV, sound bar, audio receiver, etc we will call a device.

What controllers are supported?

The following controllers are supported

  • RM3
  • RM3 Pro +

What commands can I do?

You can (1) learn commands and (2) send commands.

What are the prerequisites for adding a Broadlink RM controller?

You need to have a Raspberry PI 3 / Zero W and have your Broadlink RM controller on your network.

How do I add setup my Broadlink RM controller to connect to my Wifi?

  1. Please follow the  Broadlink setup guide to setting up your Broadlink RM controller to wifi..

What are the steps to add a Broadlink RM Controller to Eddy?

Follow these steps to setup you Broadlink RM controller:

  1. Make sure your controller is in on your network.
  2. Setup and install Eddy Bridge on your Raspberry PI device (see this setup guide)
  3. Go to the Controllers page, here, and click on Search For Controllers button.

    This will find all compatible controllers and devices acting like controllers on your network.

    Select your RM controller and click on Add Controller to Add your controller.

Now that I added my RM controller, what do I do next?

Go to Devices to add a Device. Say you want to add a TV, type your TV brand and click Add.

To add Buttons go to the Buttons tab and click on Add a button. Give your button a name, such as Power.

If you know your hex code then paste it here.

How do you Learn new IR commands?

To learn a new IR command, do the following:

  1. On the add buttons page, press the learn button, which is the blue button that has a picture of a remote.
  2. Your RM led should turn to  white (This means it is waiting for an input).
  3. Aim and press the button on your remote you wish to learn towards your Broadlink RM controller.
  4. The hex code will appear on the screen.
  5. The light on your controller will go away.

How do you test a button?

  You can press the Play button to test.

Ok, I am done adding buttons, what now?

You can add activities and link your account with Alexa.

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