How Does Eddy Work with Alexa?

Eddy has two ways to talk to your devices (1) via Port Forwarding and (2) via Eddy Bridge. Alexa talks to Eddy and Eddy talks to your devices.  Here is the flow for how Eddy works with Alexa, using Port Forwarding:

How Voice Commands Work with Eddy
How Voice Commands Work with Eddy
  1. Speak
    • Say, one of the Example Phrases, such as Alexa, Turn on TV
  2. Alexa
    • Alexa will interpret the phrase using the “Eddy Smart Home” skill and the following will happen:
      1. The skill will verify your Account is linked to the companion website,
      2. The skill will verify your Buttons, Channels, and Actions are configured on the companion website, and match the Phrase with the action you want.
      3. Alexa will send the request to Eddy
  3. Eddy
    • The companion website will store the following information:
      1. WAN IP for your Controller
      2. Devices
      3. Buttons
      4. Activities
      5. Channels
    • The skill will send the commands to your WAN IP, which was defined on the companion website
  4. Router
    • Commands sent to your WAN IP will be forwarded to your internal LAN IP of your Controller, via Port Forwarding.
  5. Controller
    • Commands will send the Infrared signals to the Devices, as specified by the phrase
    • The Response will be returned to Eddy
    • The Response from Eddy will be returned to Alexa
  6. Alexa Response
    • Alexa will respond with the response from the request to your controller, in this case, it will say “OK”

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