Eddy Bridge

What is Eddy Bridge?

It’s a piece of software that runs on a Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi Zero W. The software allows your local devices to communicate with Eddy’s Servers over a secure connection.

Eddy Bridge
Eddy Bridge avoids port forwarding by communicating directly with the server over a secure connection.

Is it Secure and Safe?

Yes. All network traffic is encrypted in transit using SSL. Commands are only executed when they are requested by a user.

Is this difficult to setup?

No. There is no programming involved. No keyboard, mouse or monitor is required. The whole process including setup will take 10-30 minutes, depending on your network speed. Follow this guide to setup Eddy Bridge.

What are the benefits of using Eddy Bridge?

There are a couple of extra features you get with using Eddy Bridge, compared to using Port Forwarding. The extra features are:

  • Android devices support
  • Roku devices
  • HDMI CEC commands support
  • Wake on LAN magic packets support
  • Allows for Network Discovery of compatible devices

Why should I use Eddy Bridge?

You should use Eddy Bridge if you care about security and or want the extra benefits.

How much does a Raspberry Pi 3 / Raspberry Pi Zero W Cost?

The Raspberry PI Zero W goes for around $40 USD and the Raspberry PI 3 will cost about $70 USD.

How do I setup Eddy Bridge?

View this Guide.


Quick overview of Eddy Bridge