Eddy Bridge includes support for Homebridge, which is a piece of software that makes accessories that were originally not compatible into accessories that are now compatible with Apple’s homekit. Think of Homebridge as a proxy or middle-man that is helping you out. The functionality of Homebridge is independent to that of Eddy Voice Remote services and limited to the embedded operating system of Eddy Bridge. FFmpeg* and mosquitto are installed and basic functionality of homebridge will work with homebridge.  This translates to most homebridge plugins just working. [Read More about the release here]

How is this implementation of homebridge different than HOOBS?

Eddy Bridge is an embedded linux operating system with support of Homebridge on top; whereas, HOOBS is your normal Raspbian os / Docker with homebridge on top.  Eddy Bridge uses homebridge-config-ui-x as the UI for Homebridge, in addition to the normal Eddy Bridge local website. HOOBS uses their own custom UI layer.  Eddy Bridge supports wifi via Ad-Hoc and then Wifi configuration via the local website. Eddy Bridge was designed for “non-techies” and with best performance in mind. This brings Eddy Voice Remote, which is focused on home entertainment devices and being able to control your device with your voice. HOOBS was designed for homebridge integration and to also help non-techies and techies.  

How is the homebridge-eddy plugin different than a normal homebridge plugin?

A normal home entertainment plugin such as cec or one for panasonic is independent of one another, so this means only one command or accessory an be configured per plugin.  The built in homebridge-eddy plugin for Eddy Bridge supports the following technologies:

  1. CEC
  2. Wake on LAN (WOL)
  3. Broadlink RM 
  4. Global Cache
  5. DirecTV
  6. Tivo
  7. Roku
  8. Panasonic TV
  9. Chromecast
  10. Android TV
  11. HTTP (Restful)

The plugin was designed to allow configurations of various technologies at once. Each technology has been tested to work as efficiently as possible. For instance, there is a CEC Service running in the background to always be ready for a CEC command; the end result is not having to wait 3-5 seconds for the command to go through each time. Another difference is that you can configure the accessory on the companion website (https://eddy.tinyelectrons.com)  and not via the config file; the companion website will update the homebridge config file and restart it for you on sync; this feature is only available for subscribed users.

The tv power status is synchronized with the homekit tv accessory, so if you manually turn on the tv the accessory will be on.

How much is Eddy Bridge with Homebridge Support?

Eddy Bridge is FREE to download and use. What cost money is the subscription to help the development of Eddy Bridge. You DO NOT need to use the hombridge-eddy plugin to use homebridge.

How to install Eddy Bridge?

Follow these steps to install the image.


*This software uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under the LGPLv2.1 . The binary and source can be downloaded here

The FFmpeg binary included in this image does NOT include OMX and does NOT include AAC decoder for audio. Here is an example bash script that helps you with this.