Controllers, Devices, Buttons and Activities

What’s a Controller?

In Eddy Voice Remote, a controller is a physical device on your local network that is used for home entertainment purposes.  Click here for a full list of Compatible Controllers for Eddy.

IR Blasters
IR Blasters

Most people only need one controller, but your setup might require more than one controller.

What’s a Device?

A  device is something a controller controls such as: TV, set top box, soundbar, etc. In some cases the controller is the devices such as: Roku or Chromecast.


What is an Button?

All devices have buttons that we want to press. Sometimes there are buttons that are not on the remote but we wish there where. A button is a name for a command to be sent to the controller which interacts with the device. The button can be an Infrared, an Android Keypress,a Chromecast command,a HDMI CEC or WOL (Wake-on-LAN) command.

What’s an Activity?

Think of an Activity as a Macro. It has a preset of instructions that you can set. You can have multiple controllers or devices or buttons configure for one activity. Here is an example to watch Netflix:

Watch Netflix (Activity)
  • Turns on TV via IR Blaster
  • Turn on Soundbar via IR Blaster
  • Switches to HDMI 2 on TV via CEC
  • Switches to HDMI 3 on soundbar via CEC
  • Sends Netflix command to Tivo
    • Waits 10 seconds
  • Sends enter command to Tivo

What’s a Custom Activity?

The same functionality of an Activity but you can specify the name and this activity can only be on or off. Typical uses are turning on/off a lamp or custom device.

What’s a Scene Activity?

An Scene Activity is the same as an Activity. The difference is that a Scene Activity will will show up as a Scene in Alexa, if you use the Eddy Smart Home Skill. The idea is that each Scene can have similar commands such as: Pause or Play. So you can have a Scene Activity called Watch Chromecast and one called Watch TV and within each scene you can Pause or Play Chromecast or your TV.

What’s a Custom Scene Activity?

A custom scene activity is a Scene Activity but you can specify the name and icon.

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